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FE26TRICoach, LLC offers a variety of services to help you achieve your goals. As an example you can purchase a standard plan for 8, 12, 16, or 24 weeks for a single discipline single race with no coaching.  Or you can have a custom plan prepared for you for a multi-discipline sport (like a triathlon) with more than one race blended in for an entire racing season.  Other servies include planning your nutrition and hydration, individual personal training sessions, and strength and conditioning plans.  Note, one on one personal sessions pricing assumes less than a 50 mile commuting radius from Albuquerque, NM.  If you don't see a service listed below that fits your needs let's talk, anything can be customized to fit your training needs. Examples of pricing are listed below, for more current pricing and a complete listing please contact us. 

Standard Single Discipline one Race/Goal Plan Starting at $50.00 per plan


A 8 to 24 week training plan to focus on your goals for an upcoming race.  For the self coached athlete that needs no guidance.  

Custom Plan Multi-Discipline one Race/Goal Plan Starting at $90 per plan

A 8 to 24 week customized training plan race specific focusing on your goals for an upcoming race.  Will discuss goals, strengths, weaknesses, and desired outcomes for the upcoming race.  

Custom Plan Single Race/Goal Plan With Coaching/Monitoring/Feedback Starting at $112.50 per month 


A customized race plan with consistent feedback. We will discuss goals and desired outcomes.  I will create a customized training plan for your specific race/goal. In addition, weekly emails with specific upcoming workout and feedback will be provided.  This plan also includes weekly communication via email, phone, and text messages, as well as 1 modification per month to the plan as needed. Use of Training Peaks. One Lactate Threshold test after 3rd week of training. 

Multi-Race Custom Plan With Coaching/Monitoring/Feedback Starting at $152.50 per month

For the athlete needing support and guidance for several races through a racing season.  This includes a thorough interview to discuss goals, strengths, weaknesses, limiters, schedules, outcomes.  I will create a custom plan based on your specific races throughout the season and your ultimate season goal.  If you are racing multiple races, we will plan your goal race and blend in others.  This includes weekly emails with specific upcoming workouts and feedback will be provided.  This also includes unlimited communication via email, phone, and text messages.  Will also include establishing training zones, and monitoring training.  Use of Training Peaks Premium. One modifications to the plan is included.



TRAINING PEAKS PREMIUM - $9.00 (Optimizes Coach/Athlete Interations).


NUTRITION PLAN - $40.00 (Includes development of a training/race day nutrition plan)


HYDRATION PLAN - $40.00 (After determining your sweat rate, includes deelopment of a customized hydration plan to help better prepare you in training and for your race).


STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING PLAN - $40.00 (Includes a weekly periodization strength and conditioning lan, tailored to meet your customized race plan). 


PRIVATE LESSIONS - $60.00 (One hour private sessin to tack or take you through some drills/workout in person.  It could include video taping and analysis of swimming strokes, and practicing transition techniques, fee assumes you are within a 50 mile commuting distance from Albuquerque, NM.  


Fees are discounted if you have purchased a custom plan.

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