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Welcome to the Home of the Rebel Raccoons!

The mission of the Rebel Raccoons is to provide an engaging and inclusive environment constructed to promote and encourage endurance athletes (i.e. triathletes, ultra runners, marathon runners, etc), of any age.  We support children, families, and anyone who wants to participate in an inspirational atmosphere designed to foster success.  The Rebel Raccoons is more about training, and clinics than it is about happy hour and drinking.


The Rebel Raccoons, a registered USAT club, is managed by FE26Tricoach, LLC., Ironman Certified Coach Richard Nevarez

Rebel Raccoon Membership includes: 3 Group Clinics, 3 Group Coach Led Workouts, Discounts to Sponsored Gear, nutrition and restaurants, an opportunity to purchase rebel raccoon stuff, registration with a USAT and Ironman club, 15% discount off FE26tricoach, llc training plans and services, not to mention priceless fun and support. Membership Fees are Non-Refundable.


Note: As this is the inaugural year, we will be taking a poll to see who is interested in purchasing race kits.  Kits can take up to 6 weeks to deliver, and can cost as much as $90 and up to $200. A minimum order is necessary to get a good discount. To kick off the team, we will be ordering T-Shirts, payment for them will be collected after your membership is confirmed, that is of course if you are interested in the T-shirt.

Questions? Send me an Email. Use Form Below: 

Thank you for your question. I will contact you shortly.

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