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I am honored by those whom I have met on this journey.  They inspire me.  Here are some words from a few of my clients. 


"I have been training with Rich on a weekly basis for about a year now. Before this, I had a difficult time being consistent with my workout regimen. Through Rich's extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and encouragement, I have been able to set, reach, and commit to fitness goals that I would have never thought were possible in the past. This is due to the ideal combination of varying training methods, individualized attention, and challenging yet realistic goal setting that he provides. Rich trains his athletes as a whole; not only physically but mentally as well. Rich is passionate about fitness, and it is evident by the energy and commitment he shows at each session. Because of his coaching, I am much stronger and more importantly, I look forward to working out and becoming better. Highly recommended!" - Natalie Chiha

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